Go Organic-Extra Light Broken Walnuts Kernels (Pack of 4)Each 250 gm

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Go Organic-Extra Light Broken Walnuts(Without Shell)Kernels(Pack of 4)Each 250 gm. Organic Certified Walnuts.Vaccum packed Sourced from the hills of Kashmir, we supply the finest quality of organic Walnuts. Our Company has large state of the art processing units with approx 50000 sq. feet covered and 15000 sq.ft uncovered area for production. The production facilities also has automatic packaging machines, in-house laboratory and cold storages.

Health Benefits of Walnuts
  • Helps to improve bone health
  • Prevents coronary heart diseases
  • Beneficial in reduscking risk of diabetes
  • Prevents growth of cancerous cells in body
  • Aids in improving metabolism in body
  • Helps to alleviate mood of children and adults

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