Mamra Almonds (2 Star – 1 Kg) 4 X 250g


Mamra Almonds Are Rich Source Of Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins.

Delicious, crisp, 2 Star mamra almonds

Mamra Almonds (2 Star – 1 Kg) 4 X 250g

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Tim Tim Mamra Almonds (2 Star – 1 Kg) 4 x 250g

Mamra Giri (Almond Kernel) is a superior quality of almonds that are 100% cholesterol free without any artificial colouring or chemicals added. Mamra Giri are higher in fiber than any other nut, if you pregnant, Mamra Giri can be nutritious way of preventing certain birth defect because of their high folic acid content. Mamra Giri is very useful when soaked in water overnight and taken together with milk in the morning. It sharpens eye sight, memory, improves health & Doctor also recommend Mamra Giri for diabetic & heart patients.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight1 g
Net Wight

(250g x 4) 1 Kg


High in Protein



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