N’Joy Natural Extra Light Quarters Walnuts Kernels 250 Gm



  • Walnuts improve sleep as it have melatonin,and this compound is said to be associated with better sleep patterns.
  • Walnuts daily intake can greatly benefit those who are expecting .
  • Walnuts contain healthy vitam in B-complex groups like folates,riboflavin,thiamin,etc.
  • Walnuts act as brain charges and increases memory and congnitive function of the body.
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N’Joy Natural Extra Light Quarters Walnuts Kernels 250 Gm

Walnuts, considered the king of all nuts, have been consumed for thousands of years for their vast array of health benefits. To satisfy the connoisseur of walnuts, each pack of N,Joy walnut kernels is hand picked and obtained from the best-kept orchards and processed in ISO certified processing factory with LASER CLEANING to ensure highest quality standards.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight.250 g

Walnuts Kernels


No Cholesterol, Very Low in Sodium, Low in Suger

Storage Condition

Keep Refrigerated and away from moisture and direct sunlight

Best Before

6 Months from Date of PKG.

Manufacturer By

Kashmir Walnut Overseas Pvt Ltd

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