Tim Tim 100% Pure Saffron 20 gm (4 X 5gm)


  • Tim Tim 100% Pure Saffron 20 gm (4 X 5gm)
  • Natural & Pure without any additives: 100% Pure Original Kashmir Saffron Threads 
  • Certified by NABL Laboratory IS5453 Standard: Each pack of Kashmir Saffron is stamped with three essential figures. Crocin (colour), Picrocrocin (flavour) and Safranal (aroma) levels based on laboratory tests.
  • Single origin: Makes for the perfect exotic festive gift! One harvest and one source plantation from Pampore, Kashmir, India.
  • Easy to use: Easy dispensation thanks to our vacuum packed sealed air-tight glass bottle. A little Kashmir Saffron goes a long way!
  • Saffron tea Helpful in pregnancy and creates resistance during delivery of a baby
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For thousands of years, saffron has held the title of world’s most valuable spice. Saffron threads are renowned for their unique, pungent flavor and difficulty of production. Our Kashmiri saffron is the highest quality available, sold as whole threads rather than ground-up powder.

Saffron is used in many culinary traditions around the world. It is the titular ingredient of saffron rice, in which the saffron colors the rice yellow, and saffron tea, a popular, dark-red brew. Paella, the famous Spanish dish, is almost always made with saffron, and the spice is widely used in Indian cuisine. Saffron’s famous flavor has been described as hay-like or honey-like.

Because of its intense flavor, and strong dying properties, very little saffron is required for culinary purposes and the key is to distribute it evenly throughout the dish being prepared. Many soak the saffron in liquid to create an infusion, although some will add the threads directly to a dish after crumbling to a powder.

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